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Live Video Solutions

Free and Pay-Per-View Live Video solutions from complete in-house handling to on-site client build-out including hardware, software, player development, site development, technical and customer service. On-Demand video set-up and deployment also available.

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Custom Hardware

Dedicated video encoding computers custom constructed in-house. These machines are purpose built, very powerful and have a small enough form factor that they are easily transported from event to event. Other custom equipment such as routers, wireless devices, etc also available.

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Consulting & Managed Services

Consulting, research services and on-site analysis for live video productions available as well as full or semi-managed services for your actual live event. Managed services may include event player development, page coding, technical & customer support (pre and post event).

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Design & Development

Creative services including web and print design to full frontend and backend development as well as content management solutions (CMS), build-out and conversions.

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Content Delivery

Our live video travels on one of the most reliable networks in the world with points of presence in multiple countries. Utilize us for your live video network and bandwidth needs.

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Shared hosting to Cloud solutions to Dedicated Server(s), we can provide a stable hosting platform to serve your company's needs whether stand alone or fully managed.



About Us


T2 Digital Inc is a creative agency formed by Ian Marvuglio & Brian Harmdierks in 2007. Friends throughout college, they went their separate ways after graduation - Brian honing his skills in the IT field and Ian in Web Design and Development. Their love for auto racing kept them in touch and in 2007 they formed T2 Digital to supply a need for live video coverage of niche auto racing that was not covered by traditional television outlets.

As a pioneer in the industry of web based live pay-per-view video broadcasting, T2 Digital spent hundreds of hours perfecting the nuisances of capturing clear live video of race cars traveling almost 150mph. This lead to in-house development of custom encoding computers, specialized video settings and mastering the technical support necessary to deliver live events of any scale. As of 2015, they have over 800 hours of live video broadcasting under their brands and another 2000+ hours with their clients.

Today, T2 Digital still operates house brands for live video broadcasting, but has also expanded to live video consulting, building custom encoding computers for clients as well as managed services for their client's live events. They also offer network, bandwidth and content delivery solutions for live video streaming as well as basic website hosting all the way up to dedicated server(s).

From humble beginnings of a single website to live stream video of niche auto race events to now helping some of the top brands/companies in the field of auto racing with their live and on-demand video needs - it has been a long road of trial and error, lots of hours and great knowledge thru self-educating. T2 Digital now welcomes sharing their knowledge with other companies so they can benefit from different types of video solutions. Next for T2 Media is expanding out of just auto racing to help companies in all forms of industry. We look forward to our next set of challenges.

Mobile optimized

Mobile optimized

All of our solutions for either Live streaming video broadcasts or On-Demand video replays are compatible with all media devices. Our video players will work on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as all Android devices and tablets.

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Our partnership with T2 Digital is a win for us and more importantly our fans.

Brian Stickel / General Manager / Knoxville Raceway

T2 has made my life 1,000x easier regarding our streaming services. You can ALWAYS count on them.

Michael Rigsby / President / DirtonDirt.com

They have created a unique & exciting program for 1000s of fans who can't make it to our events live.

Brian Stickel / General Manager / Knoxville Raceway

They’re ALWAYS there when you need them, and most importantly, their stuff works every time!

Michael Rigsby / President / DirtonDirt.com

Their delivery is always top notch & they are always looking for ways to improve.

Brian Stickel / General Manager / Knoxville Raceway